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Getting to Luxembourg

By Train

By train

Luxembourg is well connected within the european railway network. The national railway company of Luxembourg is called CFL and provides travelling information in English, German and French. Tickets can be booked at their website. Tickets can also be booked with the German, French and Belgian railroad companies.

Pocket timetables Luxembourg railway station:


Connections to Germany

  • to Koblenz (RE11) and Wittlich (RB83)
  • to Düsseldorf
  • to Saarbrücken

Connections to France

  • to Paris
  • to Montpellier / Marseille
  • to Gare Lorraine TGV

Connections to Belgium

  • to Brussels
  • to Liège

By Plane

You can travel to Luxembourg International Airport.

Take a bus from the Airport to Luxembourg city.

Public Transport from / to Luxembourg Airport

On the website of the airport information about public transport connections from / or to the airport can be found.

By Bus

There is a bus terminal in Luxembourg city for international bus lines. The most frequent connection is running to Saarbrücken.


A platform for comparing international public transport fares is omio.


Shuttle Bus

We offer a shuttle bus service between the venues. The shuttle buses will pick up the participants at the hotel, take you to all locations within the cities and drop you off at the hotel again in the evening. If you don't want to book the shuttle bus service you can  go on your own by car, cab or public transport. Please note that this could lead to delays for you. We strongly recommend that you use our shuttle service, as it is timed to coincide with the event!

Getting to Saarbrücken (offered by our shuttle bus)

By Train

Saarbrücken is connected to the German and French high speed railway networks.

The next major train station in Germany is Mannheim.

Taking a train from Paris to Saarbücken takes less than two hours!

The is a frequent bus connection between Luxemburg city and Saarbrücken. 

Timetable bus Luxembourg- Saarbrücken:

To book tickets I refer to the websites of the German Railways, the French Railways and CFL the Luxembourg Railways.

If you are using the German Railways company make sure to book early. If you are booking early the German Railway company is offering huge discounts so calles "Sparpreise" or "Supersparpreise". It is good to know that when booking you can set the checkmark show best prices which will allow to get an overwiev which connections are the cheapest.

By Bus

There is a bus terminal in Saarbrücken for national and international bus lines. The biggest bus company operating buses in Germany is Flixbus. Flixbus is often the cheapest travelling option trains are usually faster but more expensive.

By Plane

Saarbrücken has it's own rather small Airport.

You can also fly to Paris, Luxemburg or Frankfurt.

The journey from these larger Airports to Saarbrücken takes less then three hours. At this website travelling information to / and from all these citys is provided.

By Car

Getting from Saarbrücken to Homburg

(offered by our shuttle bus)

By train

Train services from Saarbrücken to Homburg are running frequently. The ride takes about 30 minutes and trains are running approximatly every 30 minutes.

Arriving at the Homburg train station it is easy to get to the "Campus Homburg". Just take one of the severall busses running the route. We recommend you to either take local bus line 512 or 511. The bus ride will take 15 minutes. Get off at either "Homburg Uniklinik Parkhaus" or "Homburg Uniklinik Haupteingang".

By car

Saarbrücken and Homburg are well connected by highway. Driving will take you aproximatly 30 minutes. Be aware of the parking situation at "Campus Homburg". On working days it is quite hard to find empty parking spaces on campus. If you are lucky make sure to buy a parking ticket otherwhise you will get fined. Ticket controls are frequent. Therefore we highly recomend you to go by train if you are staying in Saarbrücken.

At weekends the parking situation is less problematic. You will easily get a parking space and most likely at one of the parking spaces that are free of charge.  

Getting to Strasbourg

(offered by our shuttle bus)

By Plane

You can fly to Strasbourg from most major European cities. Low cost companies such as Ryanair and Easyjet offer flights in the 3 nearest airports.

  • Strasbourg International Airport (SXB) is located 10 minutes from Strasbourg's city centre by train. It offers frequent flights to and from London, Porto, Amsterdam, Brussels, and to various cities in France. A train is running every 15 minutes to and from the central train station.;
  • Frankfurt airport, third in Europe, offers a service of bus shuttles to Strasbourg;
  • Paris various international airports are only two hours away by TGV;
  • Basel-Mulhouse-Freiburg Europairport (BSL) is located on the French border with Switzerland, one hour from Strasbourg by train. It serves a broad range of destinations throughout Europe and in North Africa.;
  • Karlsruhe/Baden-Baden airport (FKB) is located in Germany, a 45-minutes drive north of Strasbourg.

By Train

Train is an easy way to travel between France's major cities and to/from neighbouring countries. Strasbourg is only 2 hours from Paris via high-speed train.

By Bus

Strasbourg is part of the Eurolines network, which provides national and international bus journeys.

By Car

If you plan to come to Strasbourg by car, please take note of the new regulations regarding the low emission zone.

Since 1st January 2022, a low emission zone has been in place in Strasbourg and the Eurometropolis, with the aim of reducing air pollution.

In order to drive in this zone, you must have a Crit’Air sticker on your windscreen. Remember to get this environmental sticker before you get here!

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