Accomodation will be provided by "Victor's Residenz- Hotel" in Saarbrücken Germany

Sharing a room saves costs and encourages new contacts! Don't have a roommate yet? After your registration we will provide a WhatsApp Group where you can find a room partner.

Frequently aseked questions

How do I reserve a room?

When registering for the event, it is possible to reserve a room at a reduced rate. It is also possible to share a double room, which makes the event cheaper. For that you have to add the other person's name to the room. We use "Eventbrite" to organize the registration process. You will be asked if you would like to stay at the hotel or if you would prefer to find your own accommodation (not recommended).

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Why should I stay in this particular hotel?

This hotel is located in the center of all venues. It is only a short drive from Saarbrücken to Luxembourg, Strasbourg and Homburg.

Staying at this hotel with other event participants also gives you the opportunity to get to know each other and socialize.


  • Single room: 140€
  • Double bed classic (for two) 125€
  • Double bed deluxe (for two, larger, away from the street) 145€
  • Twin room classic (two separate beds) 165€
  • Twin room deluxe (two separate beds, larger) 185€

all prices per night per room, including Spa & Breakfast

Shuttle Service to the Venue

For your convenience, we have organized shuttle buses to take you from the hotel to the event and back.

The shuttle buses will pick you up once in the morning after breakfast to take you to the event and once in the evening to take you back to the hotel.

Do you have any other questions? Take a look at our FAQ!