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We gathered frequently asked questions:


General questions

Whats is "HOC"?

Host organizing committee: Members from Saarland, Luxembourg and Strasbourg

How do you get a ticket?

Here is an example video on the booking process 

Which services are included in the ticket?

The ticket fee includes tea and coffee on all days and lunch on the second day, access to the scientific program, the welcome reception and closing ceremony as well as access to the Forum's digital materials. Additional fees: tickets for the social program, bus transfer and accommodation.

Is it possible to attend only one of the three days?

Yes, we offer a Saturday day pass that costs 90€.

Is it possible to bring my child and/or an accompanying person?

You may bring a child and an accompanying person. The accompanying person will need to book a full ticket, the child can take part for free. This applies for children under 6 years. You will need to contact the hotel: to ensure a crib/child bed for your room (limited availability). 
Also: please mention to us that you are bringing a child under 6 years.
For older children you may have to book a full ticket & package. 

Depending on how you plan your trip: If your accompanying person does not attend the congress venues, he/she may not need a ticket. If you want to be fully independent you may also drive individually and/or book separate accommodation at Saarbrücken. We offer a small number of tickets for accompanying persons who do not wish to attend the congress. Therefore, it is still possible to book accommodation, the shuttle bus and social events. We charge a fee of 40€ forany accompanying person.

Booking and Ticketing

How do you get a ticket?

Book your ticket on our Eventbrite page. Click here to sign up.

I have purchased an admission ticket for the event, what additional services can I purchase?

You can also purchase the shuttle bus, accommodation and social events such as 2 different gala dinners on Friday and Saturday evening and breakfast on Fridays in Luxembourg, city tour with wine tasting in Strasbourg on Sunday. In addition, there are also free social events.

When do I have to decide whether I want to book accommodation, a shuttle bus or social events?

When booking a ticket, accommodation, bus and social events are booked at the same time. Same cancellation rules apply.

Which booking options does the HOC recommend?

We strongly recommend booking a ticket for the forum including bus & accommodation & congress dinner. It will be fun!

What is the cheapest ticket option with accommodation, supporting programs and shuttle bus?

The lowest price we can offer is 444€. (Early bird ticket 160€, double room classic (King sized bed) two nights 125€, shuttle bus service 50€, gala dinner (two evenings) 109€).

Under what circumstances can I buy a student ticket?

This applies for undergraduate students only. (Postgraduate GP training, or postgraduate degrees do not count). Please keep your undergraduate Student ID ready when arriving at the venue. Make sure your undergraduate student status is still valid on 25.04.2025.

If you disregard this, you will be charged a cancellation fee and you won't hold a valid ticket, without any prior notice.

As a student, do I get a discount on accommodation, gala dinners, bus transfers or social events?

Unfortunately, we are unable to offer discounts on accommodation, the gala dinner, bus transfers and social events. There is only a 50% discount on the event ticket (Saturday day pass included).

Is it possible to return my ticket and get a refund?

You can cancel your booking up to 14.11.2024 and receive 100% cashback. If you cancel between 15.11.2024 and 15.12.2024, you will receive 50% cashback. If you cancel after 16.12.2024, there will be no refund.  In any case: we charge a cancellation processing fee of 20 €!

Can I book a double hotel room alone?

No, you cannot, as they are subsidized to fit more people. If you cannot name a person who in turn names you during their ticket purchase, you may risk not receiving a room. We will offer a link to a WhatsApp Group where you can find a room buddy. Alternatively book a (more expensive) single room.

How do I find someone to share a room with?

Here is a link to our WhatsApp Group that will help you find a roommate. You will need to provide the adjacent name during the booking process. For further information check our example video on how the booking process works.

What do I do if my room partner has canceled their ticket?

Change the name of your new partner in Eventbrite. Therefore click on Ticket in your account and click on our event. Scroll to the Hotel ticket an click an edit. There you will find your inital note and change it to your new partner full name. 
Please email us your new room partners name under
You don't have a new room partner? You recieved a Mail with booking information with a WhatsApp link included. In this WhatsApp Group you can find a new buddy. 


Is it possible to attend only one of the three days?

Yes, we offer a Saturday day pass that costs 90€.

Do I have to attend all social events?

You may decide for yourself what to attend. Special focus lies on the gala dinners, which we highly recommend. We are looking forward to celebrating with you.

Can I choose which workshops I would like to take part in?

As in any congress there will be different types of workshops/presentations. First come first serve. The keynotes have enough room for everyone. There is no need to register for a workshop.

How many training credits are awarded for the EYFDM Forum?

CME points will be announced once the final program is set and the local regulatory body has made its decision.

Will there be a certificate of participation?

Everyone who is presenting will receive a certificate of participation. Upon request you may receive an attendance certificate after the conference.


Do I need a visa for traveling in between the three cities?

There are no special visas needed when traveling within the European Union. You will receive an Eventbrite booking confirmation and ticket that may be used for visa purposes (visa application).

Will there be organized transport between Luxembourg, Saarbrücken and Strasbourg?

We offer a shuttle bus service between the venues as part of the bus shuttle fee. You can also arrive on your own by car, cab or public transport. We strongly recommend that you use our shuttle service, as it is timed to coincide with the event!

How do I get to the different locations within the cities?


The shuttle buses will pick up the participants at the hotel, take you to all locations within the cities and drop you off at the hotel again in the evening. (Shuttle bus fee). If you don't want to book the shuttle bus service you can  go on your own by car, cab or public transport. Please note that this could lead to delays for you.

How do the venues alternate?

On Friday evening, the shuttle buses will take you from Luxembourg to the hotel in Saarbrücken (VICTORS RESIDENZ). On Saturday: To and from the conference venue (Homburg) & to the gala dinner & back to the hotel. On Sunday morning, the buses will take you to Strasbourg.

How do I best organize my arrival and departure?

We suggest arriving in Luxemburg and to organize departing travel from Strasbourg on Sunday afternoon/evening. The conference starts on Friday April 25th 1:30pm at University of Luxembourg and ends on Sunday April 27th at 1pm (til open end).

How do I get back to Luxembourg from Strasbourg?

Luxembourg is well connected to the European rail network. You can also arrive by plane or car. We do not offer a shuttle bus back to Luxembourg.


How can I submit abstracts?

The scientific committee will publish deadlines and procedures under:

You can join our Abstract and Workshop WhatsApp group to share ideas for abstracts or workshops after your registration! It's a hub of creativity where you can bounce ideas off each other, collaborate, and bring your vision to life.

What is the deadline for abstract submission to the EYFDM Forum 2025?

Abstract submissions for the EYFDM Forum 2025:
The deadline for submissions is September 15th, 2024.

When will I be notified about the acceptance or rejection of my abstract?

Information regarding the acceptance or rejection of abstracts will be provided on November 11, 2024.

Can I participate as a reviewer for the abstract submissions?

Yes, if you're interested in being a reviewer, please email Aline Salzmann at

What are the recommended formats for presentations at the EYFDM Forum 2025?

We encourage presentations in lecture format (45-60 minutes), workshops (45-60 minutes), and oral presentations (8 minutes with 3 minutes for questions), as well as shorter presentations with one slide/5 minutes (3 minutes presentation/2 minutes questions).

What are the key guidelines for abstract submission, and what are the criteria for acceptance?

Abstracts must be in English and adhere to specific formatting guidelines. The main part of the abstract should not exceed 250 words, and tables, pictures, or company/copyright names should not be included. Authors are also encouraged to disclose conflicts of interest. The criteria for grading include scientific quality, novelty, relevance to family medicine, and representation from multiple countries. Additionally, failing to register before November 11, 2024, will lead to abstract rejection.

What should I consider when designing a workshop?

The aim of a workshop is to provide an interactive forum for discussion, debate and/or the development of a specific skill. Workshops at EYFDM should be designed for early career family doctors and we welcome a range of topics, ideas and interests.

When designing your workshop, it is important to consider a number of elements, including

1. Why should anyone attend your workshop? What is the main learning objective? Try to complete the sentence "By the end of this workshop, participants will be able to...". Think about the approaches you will use to achieve your learning objective. It might be helpful to have an 'agenda' to structure your time and activities. Successful workshops leave participants feeling that they have achieved something, or that they have been challenged to think and act differently, or that they can do something new or better.

2. Think about the participants in your workshop. Find a starting point that is relevant to everyone. How many people would you like to attend the workshop?

3. Plan your time carefully and be prepared for all eventualities (e.g. very engaged participants vs. not so engaged participants). Try to create a safe space for discussion.

4. Think about the setting: Will you need resources? How will you need to set up the room?

5. Think about the evaluation of your workshop. Perhaps use online (in-workshop) evaluation tools to increase engagement, or ask participants to help develop take-home messages at the end of the workshop.